GR Music and Arranging Glen Rovinelli & Missy McArdle Rovinelli


I do arranging using Finale© and sequencing using Sonar®, and Cantabile©. I also can do quick accompaniments with Band in a Box©.


I have done arrangments for all size groups, from solo flute to full orchestra. I reqularly write for A Little Knight Music (4 horns 4 Rhythm), the La Folia Baroque Ensemble (Counter Tenor, Baroque Flute,Viola daGamba, Harpsichord), the Michael Rose Orchestra (18 piece big band), the Big Brass Machine (jazz rock), the Jazz Rats, orchestrations for Maltz Jupiter Theater shows "Academy"  and "1001 Nights" and orchestrations for the hit broadway show Cagney

I use several fonts to give the music a professional look and feel. Jazz and Swing fonts from Sigler Music Systems; Salzedo for Harp Notation; Finale's Percussion / Mallets for pictographs and 20th century idioms with Accoustica, Controlla, Concreta, and Microtona from Christian Texier. Standard notation can use Petrucci, Maestro, Tocotta, Fughetta, Engraver, November, Broadway Copyist, BD Notes, or Tamburo.

I sing with and have done backing sequences for the Trinitones (a jazz vocal group)  and prepared audition tapes local singers.

Here is me singing with the Rosebuds - Michael Rose Orchestra

I have also done copy work preparing music for publication and performance for the St. Louis Symphony, the Calgaray Pops Orchestra, Bob Lapin's Palm Beach Pops, and The Lettermen.

The Trinitones - I love singing with these folks!

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